After My School is a new age Education Company , founded and run by alumni of Indian Institute of management who, collectively, have more than 100 years of experience. Using their collective experience and thorough research in learning methodologies , they have developed proprietary tools and processes which help a child realize their full academic potential. The unique process of AfterMySchool assesses gaps in the conceptual clarity of a child, and then draws up a time bound action plan for bridging those gaps. The unique technique is called “Filling The Blanks” technique.

AfterMySchool has been operational for more than a year in Hyderabad, and, in this short period, has made 8 centres operational, touching the lives of hundreds of students. It is now embarking on an ambitious plan to scale up rapidly and shape the academic careers of millions of school going children in India.

Founders and Advisors

Kireet Modi
CEO, Co-Founder

Kireet is an entrepreneur, strategic planner and team builder; having successfully built companies and brands from scratch in markets as varied as gifting, retail, automotive and kitchen solutions. Personal experiences, related to his own kids’ education, encouraged him to explore the field of after school education, and led to the inception of After My School.
At After My School, he is responsible for strategic planning, marketing, branding, delivery and finance.

Umamaheshwar Ragi
Director, Co-Founder

Umamaheshwar is an educator, facilitator, coach, and a behavioural consultant. As an expert in Learning Theories, he has conceived/facilitated education and training interventions for over 200,000 professionals in corporate world across the subcontinent. Having worked with ‘adults’ for over two decades, he brings to the table the wisdom to ‘catch them young’- and instil the right attitude to grow into successful human beings.
At After My School, he is responsible for product and process development, and tutor development.

Sunita Modi

Sunita is also an educator and entrepreneur, who uses theatre and lateral thinking exercises for skill development in children and young adults from classes 1 to 12. Having worked with over 5,000+ children in the last few years, she has also been involved in developing content for digital education companies, and has been a consultant for teacher training and lesson planning.
At After My School, she is involved in an advisory capacity to develop modules and processes for soft skill development.

Prof. Subrata Chakraborty

Prof Chakraborty is a brilliant teacher, academician, researcher, and consultant, who has been the dean and director-in-charge of IIM, Lucknow, and director at the Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow. He has been a renowned expert in the field of Quality Management and Research methodology, and has taught 1000s of students in his 50 year career.
At After My School, he is advising in the area of service quality excellence, and in developing a transparent rating model for the tutor partners

Arindam Lahiri

Arindam has over 25 years of experience in operational excellence, out of which 15 have been spent in the field of education. He was the co-founder of CL Educate Ltd. (formerly Career Launcher), and is currently the Chief Academic Officer in education business of Hindustan Times.
At After My School, he is using his expertise in curriculum design, content management, teacher training and academic innovations in guiding product, process and tutor development.